Merchants have arrived!


As the title says, I have a really ugly, but functional Shop 😀


Webplayer to the newest build:


By the way, if anyone who tries the demo and finds some bugs please let me know, it would be really helpful 🙂


Now when you start a new party, all your characters will start with an empty inventory, but each one will get 1500 gold.

Go to the Shop and buy some gear by double clicking an item in the Shop Inventory (the upper inventory).

You can drag the Shop Inventory to see all the items.

If you double click in the characters inventory (the lower inventory) then you’ll sell the currently selected item; this item will go into a Buy Back Inventory (not implemented yet), so you can buy it back if you sell it by mistake.

I’m planning to make a Sell All button, for faster gameplay: you’ll put important items in the Bank and the rest Sell All

There is one bug now: if you buy some gear and equip it, and you go into the dungeon, the inventory doesn’t load well, I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Note that items doesn’t influence the characters in combat yet, I’ll add that later.


Next step is to make the Bank functional, after that I will make the items functional and build an item generator, so the dungeon monster can drop some nice loot 🙂


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