First 5 Skills!

I started working on the skills and it’s more work than I thought xD

At first I want to make 5 skills for every guild, 12 guilds = 60 skills, then later I will add more.


For now I added the first 5 skills for the starting guild, the Nomad guild.

At level 2 you will get Boost Weapon Power, it will add 1 to the basic weapon damage(which can be buffed by Strength to be more, for example if you have 20+ Strength with the starting sword you will get +2 damage

At level 4 you will get Armor, it gives +10% armor.

The rest are not really functional, the combat skills need more work.

Each skill has a cooldown, and you need to be careful when you use them.




At the moment the skills are pretty buggy, needs a lot more work, so if you try the webplayer keep that in mind 🙂






Water, pits, teleporters and secret doors!

I started implementing dungeon functions, and the first four is working nicely 🙂



The blue colored tiles is the water, if you stand in it, all the party members start drowning and take 1 damage every 3 seconds.

The X is the pit, if the party falls into one, they take between 10% and 30% damage based on full life. (I will add level and dexterity to the formula later, the deeper you go in dungeons the higher the damage, and you take less damage if you have high dexterity)

The secret doors are marked by white doors. They appear as normal walls but if you try to go through the wall and it is a secret door then the wall tile will change into that white door.

Teleporters will teleport you randomly to another tile of the dungeon, I made sure it doesn’t teleport you near the teleporter ( 7 x 7 tile check around the teleporter, maybe it’s too much).  The problem is that when you land into a new room that wasn’t cleared, the monsters doesn’t trigger yet, need to fix that.

You can try these in the webplayer, I only put the new functions into the first room above the starting one for now:



The Bank opens its doors

I finally managed to do the Bank.

You can now deposit up to 40 items per character, and you can deposit your gold.

It’s good to deposit gold, because there are thieves in the dungeon and they steal a percentage of the carried gold, so the more gold you carry, the more gold they steal.

There is an option to party deposit gold, what this does is that it takes all the gold from all the other characters, even from their bank, and gives it to the current character. These is good if you want to identify a legendary item which is too expensive(identifying doesn’t work yet).



After Party Deposit:


Next on list is the dungeon, I will add, water(characters will drown slowly if they stay in water for to long), holes(falling damage), traps, secret doors, teleporters, etc..






Giving items to other characters

You can give items from the currently selected character to other characters in your party!

These is a big thing for me, because when I started thinking about this, I had absolutely no clue how to do it.

Cheers! 🙂


You grab an item and you drag it to another characters face:



It was a little complicated because I already have a dragging to the left and right of the inventory.

The draggable item will appear on mouse only when the mouse cursor is above the inventory, so as long as the cursor(or finger for mobile) is on the inventory, you can drag the inventory left or right.



Android Mobile:


I’m going to enter a little into programming, maybe someone will find this useful.

First thing I created a prefab of a 2D sprite with a default picture and named it “movingItemPrefab”, then I attached a simple script on it named “movingItemController”:



Then I created a script on the Invetory(it’s more complicated I’ll write only the important parts):





I hope this will help someone 🙂 Click on the images to see it better.

Development is on again!

Exams are finally over, and I’ll restart the development.

It will be a little slower in the beginning, I need to recap where I left off, code is getting pretty big,  already 2 scripts with over 4500 lines 🙂


Today I fixed some equipping  bugs, and I managed to implement the changing of damage and armor when you equip/change your gear.

Now you start with 1 – 1 damage (hand damage) and you need to buy a sword from the shop, which is a 2 – 3 damage sword.

Final damage is based on strength, so you might see more damage on the info tab (like 4 – 7 if you have over 20 strength, final damage = weapon damage * (strength * 0.1)  )

Armor now works great, if you buy every armor item from the shop you will get ~40% damage reduction,  it’s pretty overpowered for now, but it’s good for testing 🙂

As you level up, you need more armor to keep up the percentage. Example: at level 1 you have 49 armor which is ~40% damage reduction, but at level 5, 49 armor is only ~8% damage reduction (needs more work, but for now it works)


Next in work is giving items from one character to another character by dragging the item to the next characters face.

And I should do the Bank too 🙂