Equiping loot, drinking potions and reading books


A little update: I fixed the item requirements, so now if you need level 30 for an item to equip, and you have less levels in the required guild, then the item will not equip (I’ll ad a warning message later too).

Potions and Tome are working, you can drink a potion to gain +1 in that specific stat, but for Tomes you need an Intelligence and a Wisdom of  at least 10, to be able to read them (so if nothing happens on double click, it means you don’t have enough intelligence or wisdom, I’ll ad a warning later)

There is a bug with the Potion of Dexterity, it doesn’t always give +1 …

post5_pic1 post5_pic2 post5_pic3


link to the build:



Enemies dropping loot


Development is slowing down unfortunately, college exams are coming and I spent to much time with this project, instead of learning 😛

So now I need to start learning again, and for the next 3-4 weeks I’ll spend less time on this project, but the good news is that I’m free for 3 months after the exams, so I’m hoping I’ll finish a Beta version for the Google Play market.

Anyway, let’s get back to the main subject: I managed to implement the item generator, and now enemies are dropping loot 🙂



You can click the chest to open it, or you can hit “O” (from Open).

For now the chance for the chest to appear after combat is 50%, for testing, but I’ll reduce it to 20% in the future.

There are 4 categories of items that can drop:

– Normal =  79.9 % chance

– Rare = 15 % chance

– Epic = 5 % chance

– Legendary = 0.1% chance


Rare items have 20% better stats, Epic ones have 50% better stats + bonus stuff, and Legendary items have a lot of awesome stats 🙂

For now you can equip everything, even if it requires level 40 Warrior, but I’ll fix that soon.

By the way, I implemented Potions and Tomes, this will be used to increase your stats, so you can join better guilds.(not working yet, oh and don’t try to equip them, I forgot to fix that 😛 )


Here is the link to the newest build:



Here is an .apk version for Android Mobile phones, if anyone wants to try it out(only tested on 1 device, there might be problems):


Merchants have arrived!


As the title says, I have a really ugly, but functional Shop 😀


Webplayer to the newest build:



By the way, if anyone who tries the demo and finds some bugs please let me know, it would be really helpful 🙂


Now when you start a new party, all your characters will start with an empty inventory, but each one will get 1500 gold.

Go to the Shop and buy some gear by double clicking an item in the Shop Inventory (the upper inventory).

You can drag the Shop Inventory to see all the items.

If you double click in the characters inventory (the lower inventory) then you’ll sell the currently selected item; this item will go into a Buy Back Inventory (not implemented yet), so you can buy it back if you sell it by mistake.

I’m planning to make a Sell All button, for faster gameplay: you’ll put important items in the Bank and the rest Sell All

There is one bug now: if you buy some gear and equip it, and you go into the dungeon, the inventory doesn’t load well, I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Note that items doesn’t influence the characters in combat yet, I’ll add that later.


Next step is to make the Bank functional, after that I will make the items functional and build an item generator, so the dungeon monster can drop some nice loot 🙂


Intorduction to Gameplay


Before I start writing all the techy stuff about building the game, I thought it would be  good to present the gameplay.


This game is an RPG, but it’s a little different from the typical rpg’s on the market.

When you create a new game, you can create a party of  1 or up to 4 characters. After you create the first character, you can hit the “Done” button and start the game with 1 character, but you can choose to “Add New Character”, this will take you back to create the second character, etc.. (I need to redesign, it’s hard to see this mechanic for a new player)



Any race can enter in any guild if they have the sufficient stat points. I’ll add a Help button in the future where I’ll explain each guild what stats needs etc. At character creation you can choose only one starting guild, and that is usually the “Nomad” guild, but as you play, you gather potions and tomes which will increase character stats, and you can join as many guilds as you like.

It’s important to stay in one guild at least till level 30, because you gain life points on level up until level 30, but only if the current guild you’re in is the highest guild (example: if you are level 20 Warrior, and you switch to Mage level 1, you won’t get any life on level up). You still gain life after 30 but at a reduced rate, not 5 / Level, only 1 or 2 / Level.


The Town

When you are done with the party creation, you start the game in the Town.

Here you can check your characters for information by clicking “Characters”:

pic2 pic3

You can go to “Guilds”, this is the place to level up after you gather enough experience, and change guilds:


“Morgue” is the place to resurrect dead players at a cost.

“Bank” will be, as you guessed, the place to store important items and money, not implemented yet (there are thieves in the dungeon)

“Shop” is the place to buy your initial gear, and you will be able to sell junk gear for money, not implemented yet (you have initial gear in inventory for now, for testing)


The Dungeon

First time you enter, the dungeon is fogged, you have to explore and discover the map. The map and the creatures in it will be shared for every party (for now you can’t create more parties, only 1, and if you hit New from the Main Menu, it will override the existing one, but in the future you will be able to create more then one)



You will see only one character in the main dungeon window. The idea  is that the party members that are not visible will be on auto combat, and the visible one will be manually controlled by the player (for now the visible one is on auto combat too, until I implement skills).

If you click / tap the visible character’s portrait you will be able to select another character.

In combat, character order is important: the first one on the left is considered to be in front of the party(gets more hits, good for tankier characters), and the last on the right is in the back of the party(receives less hits, good for casters with low life). You can change the characters order by dragging a portrait:


In combat there can be 1 or up to 3 groups of monsters, and each creature in each group can hit or miss:



When all party members die, you can wait for rescuers(game automatically calculates number of days it took to find the dead party, more days as you go deeper in the dungeon) or you can go back to the Main Menu and log in to another party, and go find the dead party yourself(not implemented yet!).

This days will add up and characters will age, this will decrease the chance for a successful resurrection as the characters get older = more money spent on resurrections + chance for complications(stats reduced etc)


The Development so far

So far there is only the first dungeon, and monsters exist only in the left part of the dungeon.

Combat works, but it needs work, no character skills implemented yet.

Leveling and changing guilds works, but guild skills are not implemented yet.

Resurrection works until level 100 (it says 10, but for now until I’m testing it’s good to not pay for resurrections 😛 )

Inventory and equipping items work, but the items don’t give anything yet to the characters.

Working on the Shop currently.

Dungeons of Orroth

Hello there,

This is my first post, I never blogged in my life and I’m 30, so bear with me.

I started working on a new mobile game, a remake of one of my favorite game of my childhood: Mordor, The Depths of Dejenol

Mordor_pic1 Mordor_pic2

I spend countless hours with this game, it’s that addictive.

The graphics are not that great, but that is not what it makes it so good: it’s the gameplay.

So recently I restarted programming after a very long time off, and learned to work with Unity3D game engine and managed to release a little block buster game for Android mobiles.

And now that I’m better with Unity3D, I decided to do something more complicated, and I was amazed that there isn’t a Mordor remake for mobile.

There is one in the making, and it looks very good:


I decided that I want to do something similar to Mordor myself.

This game is not so graphic intense, which is perfect for me, because I can’t draw anything.


So this is how Dungeons of Orroth (name not fixed yet) came to be.

I’m working on this for almost a month now (development is slow, I attend college too), and I have a very early alpha web player:


Some pictures:

Orroth_pic1 Orroth_pic2 Orroth_pic3 Orroth_pic4 Orroth_pic5


I’ll keep posting updates of my programming journey, so keep coming back if you are interested 🙂