Ageing and Resurrection system done!

I finally finished the ageing and resurrection system.

Characters start at age 18 (will lower it to 16 for next build), and every time you get back to town you need to rest 1 day for every 3% damage you suffered in combat. This makes healers really good, you can heal a little before entering town, so you rest fewer days.

When all party members die, you have to wait for rescuers, and the deeper you are in the dungeon, the more days you have to wait. In dungeon map 3, if you are unlucky, you can wait almost a year before somebody finds your bodies!

This is important because the days add up and your characters age. Every race has an old age cap, the human Β is 120 years(they have a short life but learn the fastest), elf 400 years, etc

As older your characters get, the higher the chance for resurrection to fail and complications to appear.

After a successful resurrection there is a chance to lose 1 point of Constitution. This is bad. The lower the Constitution -> the higher the chance for the resurrection to fail. When a resurrection fails, the next time you try to resurrect, there will be a chance for a complication to appear.

When complications appear you lose 5 from all stats (but not below race minimum stats), age 10 years, and lose 10% life. This is very bad.

So now it is very important to keep your party alive as much as possible, always run back to town to heal.


Meanwhile i fixed some bugs and added some other functionality:

– when you buy from the shop, you auto equip the item if the equipment slot for that item is empty

– when changing characters the fast way in combat by sliding your mouse/finger over the portraits, if there is a dead character, it will skip it

-added pause when you enter the characters menu meanwhile you’re in combat

– a lot of minor bugs


The alpha version demo:





Restarted work after a long vacation + Dungeon map 2 and 3 done

Hello, i had a long vacation, longer then i wanted too πŸ™‚

After Christmas holiday I started preparing for my exams, had to learn a lot, but it paid off πŸ™‚

Now I’m back and I finished the dungeon map 2 and 3 with new enemies for each new map.

I really need to make a random map generator, it took a loooong time creating it manually.

I don’t know how balanced are the enemies, I didn’t test it much naturally, but I added a Cheat button which increases life and damage of all characters in your party every time you click on it. Great for testing map 2 and 3 faster.

The game had to be reset again for the new changes.


The alpha version demo: