Dungeons of Orroth

Hello there,

This is my first post, I never blogged in my life and I’m 30, so bear with me.

I started working on a new mobile game, a remake of one of my favorite game of my childhood: Mordor, The Depths of Dejenol

Mordor_pic1 Mordor_pic2

I spend countless hours with this game, it’s that addictive.

The graphics are not that great, but that is not what it makes it so good: it’s the gameplay.

So recently I restarted programming after a very long time off, and learned to work with Unity3D game engine and managed to release a little block buster game for Android mobiles.

And now that I’m better with Unity3D, I decided to do something more complicated, and I was amazed that there isn’t a Mordor remake for mobile.

There is one in the making, and it looks very good:


I decided that I want to do something similar to Mordor myself.

This game is not so graphic intense, which is perfect for me, because I can’t draw anything.


So this is how Dungeons of Orroth (name not fixed yet) came to be.

I’m working on this for almost a month now (development is slow, I attend college too), and I have a very early alpha web player:


Some pictures:

Orroth_pic1 Orroth_pic2 Orroth_pic3 Orroth_pic4 Orroth_pic5


I’ll keep posting updates of my programming journey, so keep coming back if you are interested 🙂

One thought on “Dungeons of Orroth

  1. Hi, i’m here only to write that i like your game so much. It’s the gameplay that i seek for, and i’t a gameplay that i got from the dungeon of orroth.
    At start, it was kinda hard not to die, but when my 4-mean-team got their paladin class, the game was on a better roll. A little bit repetitive, but i enjoy grinding. I enjoy levelling up.
    The map is good, and the monster encounter is well-thought. I really appreciate your effort in making this up. Great! (From Lumajang Town, Indonesia)

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