Combat Portraits

Since I launched the game on Google Play I spent most of my time updating different things suggested by some players, like unequip function, buy/sell buttons on Shop menu, item compare by text and arrows(green up arrow if the item is better then the one equipped, red down arrow if it’s worse), etc.

But I managed to add a big functionality: Combat Portraits

When you enter combat, the arrow, map and combat log will jump down to make room for all of your characters in the party with all their skills.  It is much easier to manage the skills of your characters this way.

combat portraits1 combat portraits2


You can disable this function in the Settings menu.


Google Play link:


Web link:


Donate Button with Credit Cards

Google Play Beta release!

I decided I’ll release the game on Google Play even if it’s not finished, it’s so much easier to test it then installing it from unknown sources:


Implemented Google Play donations, I really don’t want to ad ads, it ruins the feel, but I still need support for the development (need to pay the bills 🙂 )


Fixed another round of bugs and did some improvements.

Next I’ll focus on finishing the rest of the guild skills.


Web version:

Help buttons, Music, Settings menu and Donations

I started working on adding some help buttons, there are a lot of things going on in the game, it’s hard for a new player to understand all the functionality of the game. It’s not finished yet, I still need to update it, but it’s a start.


I finally added a town and a dungeon music, and implemented the Settings menu. You can change or disable the volume of the music and the sounds. I still need to add a settings button in the Town and Dungeon scenes too.


Meanwhile I fixed a lot of bugs again.

I hope I will launch a beta version on the Google Play soon.

I made a PayPal Donations button too, if some of you want to support me. Even 1 $ helps me, I have no job now, still waiting to finish college.

Donate Button with Credit Cards


The alpha version demo:





Ageing and Resurrection system done!

I finally finished the ageing and resurrection system.

Characters start at age 18 (will lower it to 16 for next build), and every time you get back to town you need to rest 1 day for every 3% damage you suffered in combat. This makes healers really good, you can heal a little before entering town, so you rest fewer days.

When all party members die, you have to wait for rescuers, and the deeper you are in the dungeon, the more days you have to wait. In dungeon map 3, if you are unlucky, you can wait almost a year before somebody finds your bodies!

This is important because the days add up and your characters age. Every race has an old age cap, the human  is 120 years(they have a short life but learn the fastest), elf 400 years, etc

As older your characters get, the higher the chance for resurrection to fail and complications to appear.

After a successful resurrection there is a chance to lose 1 point of Constitution. This is bad. The lower the Constitution -> the higher the chance for the resurrection to fail. When a resurrection fails, the next time you try to resurrect, there will be a chance for a complication to appear.

When complications appear you lose 5 from all stats (but not below race minimum stats), age 10 years, and lose 10% life. This is very bad.

So now it is very important to keep your party alive as much as possible, always run back to town to heal.


Meanwhile i fixed some bugs and added some other functionality:

– when you buy from the shop, you auto equip the item if the equipment slot for that item is empty

– when changing characters the fast way in combat by sliding your mouse/finger over the portraits, if there is a dead character, it will skip it

-added pause when you enter the characters menu meanwhile you’re in combat

– a lot of minor bugs


The alpha version demo:




Restarted work after a long vacation + Dungeon map 2 and 3 done

Hello, i had a long vacation, longer then i wanted too 🙂

After Christmas holiday I started preparing for my exams, had to learn a lot, but it paid off 🙂

Now I’m back and I finished the dungeon map 2 and 3 with new enemies for each new map.

I really need to make a random map generator, it took a loooong time creating it manually.

I don’t know how balanced are the enemies, I didn’t test it much naturally, but I added a Cheat button which increases life and damage of all characters in your party every time you click on it. Great for testing map 2 and 3 faster.

The game had to be reset again for the new changes.


The alpha version demo:




Dungeon Level 2 and 3!

Finished work on multiple dungeons mechanic, and for testing I integrated dungeon level 2 and 3, but the game is reset again, old saves will be lost.. There was no work around unfortunately.

1 2

The dungeon level 2 and 3 looks the same as the first dungeon for now, there is no random generation of dungeon yet, and it’s hard work to implement it manually.

Enemies are the same but they increase in life and power as you go deeper in the dungeon. (There will be new enemies on level 2 and 3 later). Their life and damage is multiplied by the dungeon level number, so on level 2 enemies have double life and damage, and on level 3 they have triple life and damage. Each dungeon level saves the enemies separately from other dungeon levels.

Haven’t tested it yet, but I guess your characters will need to be around level 10 to go to dungeon level 2.

Next thing is to make the dungeon level 2 and 3 different from level 1, and to integrate the new enemies.


The alpha version demo:




A lot of little updates

I was busy in the last couple of days and fixed some bugs/implemented some little things that I always wanted.

1) First I fixed a healing bug, you couldn’t heal the 3rd and 4th characters.

2) Changed the main characters Life bar position, and added HP and XP text.

3) I implemented a sliding of main portrait mechanic, so it’s easier to switch between characters, without opening the characters menu. If you slide the mouse/finger to the right on the main portrait, then it will switch to the previous character, and if you slide to the left then you’ll switch to the next character:



4) Implemented the ability to move constantly in the dungeon by holding down on the arrow buttons (or pressing arrow keys in webplayer), it was frustrating to tap/press for every movement. At first there will be a 0.5 seconds delay, and after that you will constantly move every 0.1 seconds

5) Added movement limitation when there is combat. It was to easy to just run through the  rooms filled with enemies without taking any damage. Now you can only move 1 square every combat turn (you move every 1 seconds).

6) Added Sell All button to the Shop Menu in Town, it was boring to double click/tap 40 times if you wanted to sell everything in your inventory. (Yes/No warning added too, so you won’t sell everything by mistake)

7) Saving of unopened chests! This one is really nice, before if you left a room with an unopened chest, it disappeared.

8) Redesigned the map! Added 15 pits, 5 teleporters and 4 secret doors + a lot of water.


Planning on making the 2nd and 3rd dungeon level next.


The alpha version demo:





Life and XP bars!

Things are going a little slow since school started, it’s the last year and I have to do side projects as homework.

Anyway, today I had some free time so I implemented life and XP bars:


It needs more work, but it’s functional.

The first red bar from the left is the currently selected and visible characters life bar, and the next bars are the other characters life bars in order, from left to right, without the visible character one.

For exemple: if we have 3 characters, and the second one is visible, then the first red bar is the second characters life bar, the second red bar is the first characters life bar, and the last red bar is the 3rd characters life bar.

I may change this to be more clear in the future.

The light blue XP bar means you are getting normal XP, the grey bar means that you are ready to level up, but you can get more XP before returning to town, and the red bar means that you are pinned, which means you can’t get more XP until you level up in town.


The alpha version demo:




Random Enemy Generator Working!

Good news: Random enemy generator finally working

Bad news: the game will reset again… unfortunately this will happen a few more times again, but the game isn’t in a playable state yet, only for testing, so it will be ok.

I made a system, so it will be easier for new characters:

  • when you go down to the dungeon, enemies will generate only in 1 group, in a 6 x 6 square blocks around the stairs; there will be a maximum of 2 of the first 5 weakest enemies in that group
  • if you go further, the next 2 x 2 blocks will have a chance to generate 1 or 2 groups, with a maximum of 3 of the first 9 weakest enemies
  • if you go further than that, there will be 1, 2 or 3 groups of all enemy types; the weakest creatures can spawn in greater numbers, up to 10 (ex: ants or spiders)

So basically, just stay near the stairs when you start and you are low level 🙂


The alpha version demo:




Another nasty bug fixed

I spent the last 3 days with a nasty bug, I almost went insane…

When opening a chest, the loot normally goes into the visible character’s (currently selected) inventory.

But if this character’s inventory is full, then the game will find the next character with enough room in his inventory.

The problem appeared when the next character had more then 6 items already in his inventory. The game tried to shift every item in his inventory to the left, so the new item will be the one selected, this way the player can see instantly the last looted item when browsing the inventory.

Everything stopped, nothing worked when clicking, the game just stuck.

The problem was so simple, that I’m embarrassed I wasted so much time on this bug… It was a simple do-while loop that never ended, infinite cycle.

The problem was that Unity started the do-while loop faster then Debug.Log function calls, so even if I put 20+ Debug.Logs before even entering the function that handles the opening of the chest, to see where it goes wrong, it wouldn’t show anything at all. I had no clue in which function was the problem (have 100+ functions already)

Oh well lesson learned, always check while and do-while loops if everything stops 😛

I tried to implement random generation of enemies (now it is static, same enemies appear in the dungeon rooms) but all I could think about was this bug… Now that it’s fixed I can continue with that 🙂