A lot of little updates

I was busy in the last couple of days and fixed some bugs/implemented some little things that I always wanted.

1) First I fixed a healing bug, you couldn’t heal the 3rd and 4th characters.

2) Changed the main characters Life bar position, and added HP and XP text.

3) I implemented a sliding of main portrait mechanic, so it’s easier to switch between characters, without opening the characters menu. If you slide the mouse/finger to the right on the main portrait, then it will switch to the previous character, and if you slide to the left then you’ll switch to the next character:



4) Implemented the ability to move constantly in the dungeon by holding down on the arrow buttons (or pressing arrow keys in webplayer), it was frustrating to tap/press for every movement. At first there will be a 0.5 seconds delay, and after that you will constantly move every 0.1 seconds

5) Added movement limitation when there is combat. It was to easy to just run through the  rooms filled with enemies without taking any damage. Now you can only move 1 square every combat turn (you move every 1 seconds).

6) Added Sell All button to the Shop Menu in Town, it was boring to double click/tap 40 times if you wanted to sell everything in your inventory. (Yes/No warning added too, so you won’t sell everything by mistake)

7) Saving of unopened chests! This one is really nice, before if you left a room with an unopened chest, it disappeared.

8) Redesigned the map! Added 15 pits, 5 teleporters and 4 secret doors + a lot of water.


Planning on making the 2nd and 3rd dungeon level next.


The alpha version demo:







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