Random Enemy Generator Working!

Good news: Random enemy generator finally working

Bad news: the game will reset again… unfortunately this will happen a few more times again, but the game isn’t in a playable state yet, only for testing, so it will be ok.

I made a system, so it will be easier for new characters:

  • when you go down to the dungeon, enemies will generate only in 1 group, in a 6 x 6 square blocks around the stairs; there will be a maximum of 2 of the first 5 weakest enemies in that group
  • if you go further, the next 2 x 2 blocks will have a chance to generate 1 or 2 groups, with a maximum of 3 of the first 9 weakest enemies
  • if you go further than that, there will be 1, 2 or 3 groups of all enemy types; the weakest creatures can spawn in greater numbers, up to 10 (ex: ants or spiders)

So basically, just stay near the stairs when you start and you are low level 🙂


The alpha version demo:






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