Adding characters to party + faster saving and loading

WARNING this will reset the game again! You can find an older link in the post beneath this one.

Finally adding characters to already loaded parties is working.


It took a while because I had the same problem as deleting parties, copying a character took more then 15-20 seconds on android, but this time I couldn’t use the double array trick, because I needed to read and write the data to a new place.

So after searching way to many hours on google for a solution, I finally found this page:

It replaces the entire PlayerPrefs library and it is so good that every saving and loading got almost instant! ^_^

On an older android you still wait ~1 second but it’s better then 20 seconds 😛

A little warning: there is a weird bug, if you create a new party, please go out to the Main Menu and reload before adding a new character, for some reason it does strange things if you try and add a new character as soon as you enter the town for the first time. I’ll look into that tomorrow, I just wanted to release this update today.


The alpha version demo:




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