Creating and loading multiple parties + Preparing for Ludum Dare 30

Hello, as the title says I added the loading screen, now you can create multiple parties and you can load whichever party you like.



You can click/tap to select a party, if there are more then 3 parties you can scroll with mouse/finger or use the up/down arrows(the one above the Back button), and you can load either by clicking/tapping the Load  button, or double click/tap on the selected party.

You can create as many parties as you like, but beware of webplayer builds, it can only save max 1 mb of data, so if there are too many parties there is a chance it will screw things up…(need to limit the number of parties on webplayer later).

Delete doesn’t work yet; kicking from parties and joining new characters to parties doesn’t work neither; I wanted to make a blog update only when those were ready too, but Ludum Dare is coming this weekend!

Ludum Dare is a game programming challenge where you have to do a game in 48 hours, solo.

It’s the first time I participate in a challenge like this and I’m excited 🙂

The tricky part is that I’m the one who will have to create all the art, sound and music for the game, this is the reason I stopped working for a few days on Dungeons of Orroth: I don’t know how to create art, so I started learning how to use Gimp, Blender and some audio software 🙂

My goal is to finish a game, not to win, but I heard even finishing is hard… so wish me luck! 🙂


I have some bad news too, I tried doing an iOS and Windows Phone build, but working with Apple is really hard…

I can’t build anything if I don’t have an iOS Developer account which is 99$/year. This is a lot for my right now, because I need to pay the last year of college and I don’t have any job = no income(I have saved money for 1 more year of living).

But even if I’ll make a developer account I can only test on maximum 100 devices… so there will be no alpha iOS build link.

The windows Phone is not that bad, but there is a trick too: even if I put a link to a WP build, you need to have a windows phone developer account to be able to install the build.. so no alpha WP build.


Links to alpha version demo:




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