Skills manager is working!

Last week was pretty good, I had a lot of time to code, so I finished the skills manager.


The idea is that you can go into dungeons controlling only 5 skills, but if you got more skills(learned by joining more guilds) then you can manage this skills in town. You can choose what skills will have each character, each time you visit the town.

I’m thinking of letting the player choose the skills in dungeons too, but I find it more fun like this, you need to think about what skills to bring along depending of where you go. Maybe there are some creatures in dungeon lvl 3 who are resistant to physical damage, then you need to bring all the spells you have, or some part is fire resistant, so you need to pick all the frost skills, etc..


I fixed the ring equipping finally, now when you equip a ring, it will search for the first empty ring slot in your gear, and if both ring slots are occupied, then a message box will appear where you can choose which ring will be replaced.



I want to do drag-and-drop equipping gear too, and after that I’ll implement more skills.

I’m closing to an end with the core mechanics(cheers!) so I’ll start implementing a little tutorial for the new players,  do 3 dungeons and more skills.  I’m thinking of shipping a Beta version to the Google Play store for free and no ads, so people can find it, and after that I’ll start work on polishing the game, adding effects, etc..


Links to alpha version demo:





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