Warrior skills + a lot of bug fixes

I managed to make the combat skills work too, only the buffing skills worked before.

I implemented the skill rank system, as you level up, your skills improve. For now a skill gains a new rank every 5 level, for example: you get your first skill at lvl 2, and at lvl 7 you will gain rank 2 of that skill, at lvl 12 you will gain rank 3, etc… You’ll get the second skill at lvl 4, then rank 2 of that skill at lvl 9, rank 3 at lvl 14, etc…

Ranking system is not set in stone yet, needs more work, I need to test how balanced it is.

Added the warrior skills:

Shield Block: block 50% damage n next incoming damage, has 5 sec cooldown, learned at lvl 2 (may change this to block 50% of all incoming damage for 2-3 seconds)

Taunt: taunts every enemy to attack the warrior for 5 sec, has 10 sec cooldown, learned at lvl 4

Stun: stuns a group of  enemies for 3 seconds, has 15 sec cooldown, learned at lvl 10

– Disorienting Shout: disorients a group of enemies for 5 seconds, has 20 sec cooldown, learned at lvl 16

– Shield Wall: block 99% damage of the next incoming damage, has 30 sec cooldown, learned at lvl 28 (I may change this to block every incoming damage for 2-3 seconds, will see how it works)

Added a skill message box when you level up and get a new skill:




I fixed a lot of skill related bugs.

Improved the loot system: now you will get normal loot 95% chance, rare loot 4.89% chance, epic loot 0.109% chance and legendary loot 0.001% chance. Chance for epic loot was way to high before, I got 50-100 damage weapons at lvl 8-9 😛

When you start a new game you can choose any guild you want and this will be your starting guild(limited by alignment, evil characters can’t be paladins, etc.. I’m considering to add race limitations too, like giants can’t be thieves, they are too big :P). You can level up in that guild and if you join another guild, you can always join back to the starting guild, even if you don’t meet the stats requirements. But the stat requirements to join another guild in-game still applies. I may add some bonus to starting guilds later on.

Working on the skill management system now, you will be able to choose only 5 skills to use in dungeon, but you will be able to change this 5 skills whenever you get back to town.








4 thoughts on “Warrior skills + a lot of bug fixes

  1. Hello Robert!
    I bought 2 rings with armor = 1, later i found a 1 ring with armor = 5 and change it on first ring (armor = 1), but when i found second ring with armor = 4 i can’t change it on second ring with armor = 1, i can change it only on ring with armor = 5.
    How i can change second ring on my new one or take it off?

    • Oh yes, I haven’t finished that part with the rings 🙂
      But I just finished the skills manager, so I’ll fix that next.
      Hmm no idea how to do it really 😛
      When you exchange a ring, shall a message box appear with 2 ring options and you need to select where you want to put the new one?

      • I will do that too, was planning on it, but I wanted to finish all the mechanics first so I can ship a beta to the Google Play store(maybe Windows Phone and iOS store too), after that I will improve a lot of things 🙂

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