First 5 Skills!

I started working on the skills and it’s more work than I thought xD

At first I want to make 5 skills for every guild, 12 guilds = 60 skills, then later I will add more.


For now I added the first 5 skills for the starting guild, the Nomad guild.

At level 2 you will get Boost Weapon Power, it will add 1 to the basic weapon damage(which can be buffed by Strength to be more, for example if you have 20+ Strength with the starting sword you will get +2 damage

At level 4 you will get Armor, it gives +10% armor.

The rest are not really functional, the combat skills need more work.

Each skill has a cooldown, and you need to be careful when you use them.




At the moment the skills are pretty buggy, needs a lot more work, so if you try the webplayer keep that in mind 🙂





4 thoughts on “First 5 Skills!

  1. Robert, it’s awesome! You are the great! 🙂
    In shop: there is no visible price for loot until you sold it 😦
    In character creation: there is no guild statistics, i created nomad and then looked in guild stats for ninja – it’s not good

    • Yes the game needs a looot more work 🙂
      I will add price for loot too.
      I plan to do a tutorial for the final version, and there will be help buttons for stats and all.
      I plan to modify the party creation, you will be able to choose whatever guild you like when you start(it’s boring if you start as nomad with every character :P), and the guild stats requirements apply only when you want to join a new guild ingame
      The game is in very early alpha, so stay tuned for updates 🙂
      I hope to finish the mechanics in 2 months(can’t code every day, have a life too :P), but the problem will be the graphics.. If I won’t get help then I need to start learning to draw 🙂

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