Water, pits, teleporters and secret doors!

I started implementing dungeon functions, and the first four is working nicely 🙂



The blue colored tiles is the water, if you stand in it, all the party members start drowning and take 1 damage every 3 seconds.

The X is the pit, if the party falls into one, they take between 10% and 30% damage based on full life. (I will add level and dexterity to the formula later, the deeper you go in dungeons the higher the damage, and you take less damage if you have high dexterity)

The secret doors are marked by white doors. They appear as normal walls but if you try to go through the wall and it is a secret door then the wall tile will change into that white door.

Teleporters will teleport you randomly to another tile of the dungeon, I made sure it doesn’t teleport you near the teleporter ( 7 x 7 tile check around the teleporter, maybe it’s too much).  The problem is that when you land into a new room that wasn’t cleared, the monsters doesn’t trigger yet, need to fix that.

You can try these in the webplayer, I only put the new functions into the first room above the starting one for now:






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