Development is on again!

Exams are finally over, and I’ll restart the development.

It will be a little slower in the beginning, I need to recap where I left off, code is getting pretty big,  already 2 scripts with over 4500 lines 🙂


Today I fixed some equipping  bugs, and I managed to implement the changing of damage and armor when you equip/change your gear.

Now you start with 1 – 1 damage (hand damage) and you need to buy a sword from the shop, which is a 2 – 3 damage sword.

Final damage is based on strength, so you might see more damage on the info tab (like 4 – 7 if you have over 20 strength, final damage = weapon damage * (strength * 0.1)  )

Armor now works great, if you buy every armor item from the shop you will get ~40% damage reduction,  it’s pretty overpowered for now, but it’s good for testing 🙂

As you level up, you need more armor to keep up the percentage. Example: at level 1 you have 49 armor which is ~40% damage reduction, but at level 5, 49 armor is only ~8% damage reduction (needs more work, but for now it works)


Next in work is giving items from one character to another character by dragging the item to the next characters face.

And I should do the Bank too 🙂

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